Open letter to conference in Warsaw

Open letter to conference in Warsaw
We are a small group of Iranian opponents who have produced and distributed more than 10.000 books (1) – as for example The Satanic Verses of Salman Rushdie (2) – and critical paintings (3) . Because of the situation in Iran our activity was been made impossible and we has to flee and apply for asylum in Europe and Denmark. In Denmark, we suffered an attack by Iranian agents in form of a bomb attack and a shooting through the window (4) . As our residence thereby was revealed, we had to move to Germany. Now we call out for all politicians, authors and artists, who agree with us in our fight against Islamic fanatics.

We accuse the Iranian terror regime for their terror activities in Europe. We are living witnesses, who want the world to hear us. Especially the participants of Warsaw conference.
Dissidents from the internet media Avaye Buf and
victims of the Iranian terror regime

We will be delighted to come to the conference and to testify!

_ Tahmoures Zamani Farahani
_ Houriyeh GharehDaghi
_ Ghasem GharehDaghi
_ Sasan GharehDaghi

For more information :
(Contact by mail : , or phone : +4551209556)

(1) .



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